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Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment in Philadelphia

Driving on a straight highway, your car’s steering wheel should be horizontal, and keeping your car in your lane should only take a light touch. That’s the sign of a great wheel alignment. If it feels like you’re fighting for control, your steering wheel is crooked, or your car is pulling to one side, it probably needs some attention. 

At Xavier’s Auto Center, an ASE-certified technician with years of experience can align your car’s steering and suspension components to restore its easy control. 

Symptoms of Improper Wheel Alignment

How do you know you have improper alignment? While some symptoms can be similar to other issues, these are some of the symptoms that suggest you need your wheels aligned. 

  • Vehicle pulling to one side, especially driving at highway speeds
  • Steering wheel is off-center
  • Steering feels tighter than it used to
  • Your car wanders in its lane
  • Harsh or jittery feel driving over a bump
  • There’s excessive tread wear on one or more tires

How a Vehicle Wheel Alignment is Performed

A tire alignment is the process of adjusting the angles of key components in the steering or suspension along three axes called camber, caster, and toe. If just one of these angles is improper 

First, our technician will confirm the problem you’re experiencing. The tire air pressure and tire balancing will be inspected to ensure they aren’t the cause. Then, your vehicle is driven onto a special hoist and the wheel alignment is checked with a camera-guided system and targets installed on each wheel. 

Adjustments are made to your vehicle suspension and steering according to manufacturer’s specifications that restore proper alignment. When your vehicle alignment is complete, a road test is performed to ensure the problem has been corrected. 

Xavier’s Auto Center Can Perform Your Alignment

Sometimes there are loose, worn, or damaged parts that need to be replaced, and uneven tire wear might mean you need new tires too. Xavier’s Auto Center will inform you of any additional repairs that are needed along with your wheel alignment services. You know you’re getting a quality wheel alignment as we’ll provide a printout with both before and after specifications.