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Digital Vehicle Inspection

Digital vehicle inspection in Philadelphia

The average repair shop will perform a visual checklist when you bring your car in for service. It accounts for wear and tear and other issues the staff member can see. But it’s hard to trust that a repair shop is telling you the truth when all you see are checkmarks on a piece of paper.

Xavier’s Auto Center does it differently. Our goal is to earn your business through honest, trustworthy, and transparent practices in every interaction. That’s why every customer’s vehicle receives a digital vehicle inspection (DVI). It’s yet one more way you can be confident that we are suggesting only what’s necessary, backed by proof you can see.

What does a digital vehicle inspection include?

Unlike a carbon-copy checklist that other repair shops use, our inspection process is high-tech. When you’re checking in for your appointment or visit, one of our service professionals walks around your vehicle with a tablet, recording the inspection with video and pictures. Like a checklist, we track your VIN number and license plate to confirm that it’s your car and images of its condition. Where a DVI excels is that it doesn’t just show you where there are issues, but it can also confirm that your vehicle is in great shape otherwise. 

When it’s complete, the inspection results are sent by text or email to your mobile device so you can see any concerning areas that you may want to address, along with an estimate of any costs for auto repairs and services that may be due. It’s only with your prior authorization that our technicians will proceed with the repair. 

Why is a digital vehicle inspection important? 

For far too long, repair shops have given car owners little reason to trust them. Xavier’s Auto Center is founded on principles that promote caring for our neighbors like we would for our family. For us, digital vehicle inspections are an excellent way to build back that trust. 

When a technician notices an issue that needs your attention, whether dirty fluids or a mechanical issue, we’ll send you a video or pictures of the diagnosis because we know you value transparency. As the vehicle owner, you have confidence that the work performed was necessary. 

For all vehicle repairs we perform for you, we back up that value and confidence with a no-hassle 24-month/24k-mile warranty. Experience the difference for yourself at Xavier’s Auto Center in Philadelphia.