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Standard Warranty

Xavier’s Auto Center has experience and expertise in providing trusted service to vehicle owners. We appreciate the trust and confidence our customers put in our team. We understand moral principles that lead people to a better and more trusting relationship. Good relationships build businesses and that is what real success means to us. We are constantly working on ways to build components of trust since it’s key to a solid relationship between a client and our team, which is why we provide a Warranty for up to 36 months/36,000 Miles. Stop worrying about having the right repair and parts! We will make sure all services are done right and with quality parts. 

Why is a service repair with a Warranty important?

  • Our Warranty offers Peace of Mind – it offers up to 3 years/36K Miles of coverage. 
  • National Warranty can save you money as it covers both  parts and labor. There are 13,000 NAPA Locations around the USA.
  • Our warranty can increase your car’s value since it can be transferred to new owners.
  • Drive with confidence as our parts are all OE quality. 
  • Have faith the job is done right – our technicians are highly trained and ASE Certified.