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Collision repairs

Collision repairs in Philadelphia

Accidents happen. Whether it was a momentary lapse in attention or the other driver was at fault, your vehicle is now in need of some not-so-minor bodywork. Although it looks like it isn’t possible, a shop that performs auto body repair services can erase the damage. 

In Philadelphia, you can trust your collision repairs to Xavier’s Auto Center. Our repair shop is fully equipped to tackle the damage your vehicle has sustained in the accident and make it look and drive like it did before the accident. 

What is collision repair all about?

A common misperception is that collision repairs are all about how your car looks. Certainly, the scuffs, scratches, dents, and broken glass are all going to need to be dealt with in the repair process, but there’s much more to it than that. There could be mechanical issues, suspension and steering repairs, broken wires and lights, and even frame damage that needs to be corrected, but Xavier’s Auto Center is up to the task. 

After your insurer has your car assessed, we get started. A highly-trained body shop technician inspects your vehicle for additional damage and any amendments to your insurance claim are filed for approval. A plan for repair work is compiled, accounting for the most efficient way to address the body and mechanical repairs so we can get your car back to you as soon as possible. 

How long does collision repair take?

Every autobody claim is different. Our collision center will do our best to bring your car back to its former glory as quickly as we can without cutting corners on quality repairs. For a simple glass repair or replacement, it often takes less than a day. For other major claims, it can take several weeks. Regardless of the severity, we commit to communicating clearly with you so you can have an accurate idea when to expect your car back. 

Will Xavier’s Auto Center deal with my insurance?

Yes! At Xavier’s Auto Center, we will deal directly with your insurer to complete your auto collision repair claim in your place. Since insurance companies are looking to save money wherever possible, we advocate on your behalf to get your vehicle fixed to the highest standard. We also bill directly to insurance, saving you the headache of out-of-pocket reimbursements. 

Collision repairs aren’t something you’re excited for, but Xavier’s Auto Center will do whatever we can to make your situation better. Trust us for timely collision repairs combined with impeccable customer service.