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About Us

Xavier’s Auto Center is committed to holding our company to our core values and a higher standard of excellence in customer service and automobile general repair. We will deliver our service for the care and preservation of the relationship between customer and company throughout the following working process:

Xavier’s Auto Center is the product of a passionate young entrepreneur who recognized the need for a better experience in the auto repair industry. From an early age, Xavier’s humble beginnings as an immigrant meant working for other companies as a steadfast, honest, and reliable employee. His developing skills included positions as a repair technician and electro-mechanic. With his passion for cars and a need to save on costs, it was up to Xavier to perform vehicle repairs for himself and those closest to him, and he experienced a deep satisfaction in a job well done.

Recognizing that the auto industry badly needed examples of excellence in customer service, honesty, and transparency, Xavier made the decision to do what he was passionate about and started the business in 2012. As a family-owned and operated auto repair shop in Philadelphia, PA, Xavier put biblical Christian principles into practice that establish a solid foundation of integrity in every aspect, from serving his clients wholeheartedly as if doing it for God to honoring warranty and clear communication in everything.

Excellence in every aspect of business is the goal at Xavier’s Auto Center. We accomplish that goal with ongoing training for our service staff and ASE-certified technicians, using the latest cutting-edge equipment to enhance the accuracy and reliability for our auto services and repairs, and being transparent in all facets of the business. We use a digital inspection process for every vehicle that arrives at the shop including pictures that are sent to the customer by text and email. To earn our customers’ trust and to clearly demonstrate repairs are completed, we photograph the working process and the newly installed parts on the vehicle.

We excel at the little things that result in the complete experience. When you make an appointment, we walk you through the time frame so you can better plan your day. We capture a full profile for both the vehicle and you, the owner, so we can understand your goals and how we can serve you best. We have a stress-free, no-pressure environment that’s focused on helping you achieve a safe, efficient vehicle.

We understand the hesitancy to pay for car repair, especially as it ages. At Xavier’s Auto Center, we take the approach that proactive maintenance and servicing are an investment that adds value to your vehicle. We stand behind a 3-year, 36k-mile national warranty that’s fully transferrable that further builds value in your car.  

At Xavier’s we are a family of faith that operates our business on a firmly engrained belief in building healthy relationships. We have close ties in our community and we love to provide support and assistance to strengthen families in Philadelphia. Our conviction to be examples of integrity, respect, and trust have helped us create a strong team and become leaders of impact and influence in our neighborhood. Our top priority is to be a trustworthy car repair facility for all people by providing quality repair, reliable parts, and excellent customer service.