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Our technicians

Xavier’s Auto Center is committed to holding our company to our core values and a higher standard of excellence in customer service and automobile general repair. We will deliver our service for the care and preservation of the relationship between customer and company throughout the following working process:

Our Team

Xavier Tirado

Owner & President
  • Official Pennsylvania Emission/State Inspector
  • Automobile Training Management Institute | 2017
  • Automobile Expert Withness since 2016

Xavier is the founder of Xavier’s Auto Center in 2012. He is married and has 3 wonderful children, a Christian family that values faith and relationship. Xavier is a pastor of Arka Church as well and continues to grow in many ways, always focusing in his call. He is passionate about innovation and improvement in all matters​​. Xavier graduated of the Automotive Management Institute in 2014 and continues to enriching himself with all the team in knowledge and practice in the evolving automotive industry.



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Samuel Tirado

Xavier’s Auto Center Service Manager

Manager Business Administration Automovile Technical Institute 2016

Samuel started with Xavier’s Auto Center in 2004 in the management administration. He works hard every day to provide quality work at the highest standards. Samuel has a loving wife and 4 beautiful children. In Samuel’s spare time, he enjoys playing soccer and spending time with his family. When he is not busy raising his family, he spends time learning and training in the always evolving automotive industry.  

Luis Hernandez

Xavier’s Auto Center Service Writer
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician Engineer 
  • Service Writer Automobile Training Institute 2021


Luis Hernandez joined the team of Xavier’s Auto Center in 2021, and since then he has grown to become a great service advisor. Driven by his immeasurable desire to keep improving in different sectors, Luis transitioned from the aviation sector as an aircraft engineer to the automotive service advisor. He shows passion over all mechanic matters and is a hardworking person with attention to detail and interest to provide a quality service to clients and the team. Luis is thrive for the best and keeps looking for getting experience in more multidisciplinary roles to expand his knowledge. 

Jose P.

ASE Certified Technician
  • ASE Certified Technician
  • Official Pennsylvania Emission/State Inspector


Jose is a Venezuelan that migrated at age of 6-year-old and lived in Philadelphia since then. He has an amazing personality and a positive attitude. Jose started to work with Xavier in the very beginning of Xavier’s Auto Center in a house garage in 2012, he has become excellent in electromechanics, achieved an ASE license, and is an emission & safety PA inspector, among other certifications. He has completed and continues numerous trainings on new equipment and in new vehicles of the industry. These are Jose’s words, “ I’ve had the pleasure to work with Xavier’s Auto Center since 2014, and it’s been wonderful. Throughout classes and hands-on experience, I  gained the knowledge to be able to call myself a Technician of quality work.”

Santiago Bernaldo

  • Bachelor in Automotive Mechanics 1991
  • Industrial Engineering 2001


Santiago studied other automotive, electricity, and electronic injection courses at the INFOTEP institute in the Dominican Republic. Santiago has always had a passion for sports, he was an athlete and became a champion in the UdeSA games. He was as well a martial arts teacher in three schools in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Santiago has extensive experience working with car dealers as a diesel technician. He has dedicated his life to his wife and 3 daughters. Santiago is a servant of Jesus Christ for 30 years, a preacher and a dominical teacher. He currently works at Xavier’s Auto Center since 2019. He has continued his education and training in the automotive industry updating and getting more knowledge to achieve excellent service in his profession.