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Check Engine Light

Check engine light in Philadelphia

One of the most worrisome problems for most drivers is when a small, yellow indicator pops up on the dash. This little malfunction indicator lamp is often simply called the Check Engine with its motor-like shape. The problem is that it can have so many meanings, and a thorough diagnosis is required to discover the root cause. 

If your Check Engine light has come on, Xavier’s Auto Center is fully equipped to diagnose it and correct the issue. From the smallest concern to a major repair, we’ll walk you through the process from start to finish with honest, transparent communication and expert workmanship. 

What causes a Check Engine Light to come on?

Unlike many other issues that can pop up, a Check Engine light or MIL isn’t as clear. Vehicles today are equipped with dozens of sensors that can generate a fault code in the onboard computer. Many are due to emissions-related systems that can affect how well your car runs. Common faults include: 

  • Spark plugs or spark plug wires that are worn or faulty, causing a misfire. 
  • The mass airflow sensor becoming dirty or damaged, causing incorrect air-fuel mixture that leads to poor fuel economy.
  • Contaminated or burnt-out oxygen sensors. A faulty sensor can cause the engine to run rich or lean with carbon building up in the combustion chamber. 
  • A failing catalytic converter, which then allows unburned hydrocarbons to leave the tailpipe into the atmosphere. 
  • A loose gas cap. When the gas cap is loose, the onboard diagnostic systems are tricked into thinking there’s a pressure leak in the fuel system. 

Along with these issues, dozens of others can cause the Check Engine light to come on. 

How it’s repaired

If you have warning lights on your dash, our ASE-certified technicians will perform a diagnostic test using professional-grade OBD II code readers. Once we identify the fault code, we can trace the issue back to the source to identify the root cause of the issue. Once we perform the necessary auto repairs, we check that codes have not returned and your symptoms have been corrected. 

Why choose Xavier’s Auto Center?

Xavier’s Auto Center is a great choice for diagnosing and repairing a Check Engine Light issue on all makes and models in Philadelphia. Our expert technicians are experienced in tracking down the root of the problem and correcting it on the first visit, saving you time from making a repeat appointment. We use top-quality components and explain everything to you clearly so you understand why the repair is required. We back all of our repairs with a no-nonsense 24-month/24k-mile warranty to provide you with peace of mind.