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ABS Brakes

ABS brakes car repair in Philadelphia

An object in motion stays in motion, as Newton’s Law states. However, you’ll want your car to come to a stop at a moment’s notice whether you’re approaching a school zone, a stoplight, or you need to slow down for a curve. When the road surface isn’t at its best, anti-lock brakes – better known as ABS brakes – can bring you safely to a stop.

If your ABS brakes aren’t functioning as expected or you have an ABS light illuminated on the dashboard, it’s crucial to have it fixed immediately. In Philadelphia, Xavier’s Auto Center has knowledgeable service and skilled technicians to get your brakes back in order quickly. 

What do ABS brakes do?

In years past for cars with conventional brakes, you’d pump the brakes on your car when it was sliding or lost traction as you tried to regain control. ABS works to do the same function but hundreds of times per minute when your wheels lock up during braking. 

ABS sensors, also known as wheel speed sensors, analyze the speed of rotation at each wheel and compare them to each other and values in the ABS controller. If they aren’t within tolerances, the ABS brakes are applied. As an example, if the front wheels are spinning at 20 miles per hour when you’re braking but the rear wheels are locked up and not rotating, the ABS brakes will apply. You’ll feel a chatter and pushback in the brake pedal, but you’ll regain steering control. 

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) actually reduces stopping distances on slippery surfaces by preventing wheels from locking up.  It’s a safety feature that is closely tied to other systems like traction control and electronic stability control. 

Common issues with the ABS system

It’s possible that the ABS system can malfunction. When it does, symptoms will appear that indicate it’s time to get your car looked at. It could be: 

  • The ABS warning light or “BRAKE” warning light is illuminated as the ABS module detects a fault.
  • Your brakes lock up when driving on slippery surfaces. 
  • The ABS brakes apply when it isn’t slippery on the road.
  • The brake pedal requires more effort to push. 

Stop in at Xavier’s Auto Center

If it doesn’t feel like your ABS system is working right or you have an ABS light on, get it in for service right away. Xavier’s Auto Center has professional-grade diagnostic equipment to

identify the problem and ASE-certified technicians who can locate the root cause and correct it. We use OEM and high-grade aftermarket parts for repairs so you can drive with confidence. Put your faith in our services – we back all repairs with a 3 years/36K mile warranty.

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