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What is a Tune-Up All About?

Car tune-up in Philadelphia

A car’s engine is designed to burn a mixture of fuel and air to generate the power necessary to propel your vehicle. It can run for years with just minimal attention but eventually, it will need tune-up services performed. These basic maintenance items are intended to keep your vehicle operating at peak performance and efficiency, and Xavier’s Auto Center in Philadelphia is the perfect choice to perform your engine tune-up.

Why is a Car Tune-Up Important? 

Repairs can be expensive, but following the maintenance schedule can prevent many of the unexpected costs and frustrations associated with a breakdown or running problem. A tune-up is intended to prevent engine problems from happening before they come up. 

But it’s more than just avoiding a breakdown. Poor maintenance can contribute to lower gas mileage that costs you more money to operate your vehicle every day. An improperly running car could also fail a smog test, taking your vehicle out of service until you get it fixed. 

What Does a Tune-Up Involve?

On older vehicles, both vehicle manufacturing and fuel quality were much less refined than they are today. A car could go about a year before it would have running issues or trouble starting and needed a regular tune-up. It often included replacing worn spark plugs annually along with a distributor cap, rotor, spark plug wires, and a fuel filter. The ignition timing might need to be manually adjusted, and every few years the engine might’ve needed to be rebuilt for new seals and gaskets. 

More recently, vehicles with fuel injection have fewer requirements to keep their tuned up. Spark plugs are still the components most often referred to in this process. Although most spark plugs can last as long as 100,000 miles before requiring replacement, it’s important to get it done on time as the electrode wears down after igniting the air-fuel mixture in the cylinder millions of times. 

In addition to spark plugs, the PCV valve and air filter will be inspected, and the fuel filter may need to be changed too. A tune-up will also check for DTCs that indicate emissions problems that could cause you to fail a smog check. 

Your Maintenance Experts in Philadelphia, PA

If your vehicle isn’t running as it used to or you’re nearing the interval for a tune-up, visit Xavier’s Auto Center. Our ASE-certified technicians will review your maintenance requirements according to your owner’s manual to prevent future problems from happening. We use top-quality parts and back all our repairs with a no-nonsense 3 years/36K mile warranty for your assurance of a job well done. 

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