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Car Electrical System

Car electrical system in Philadelphia

A modern car has, on average, about one mile of electrical wiring in it! A car’s electrical system is complex and keeps all of its parts communicating, charged, and powered up – and that doesn’t take into account any of the sensors, motors, and modules yet. With so many electrical components, it’s possible for things to go wrong and you need a shop to supply electrical diagnostics and repair expertise to get you back to normal. 

In Philadelphia and surrounding areas, choose Xavier’s Auto Center to work on your car’s electrical system. With experienced technicians and professional equipment to find the problem and fix it, you’ll be back on the road in no time. 

What causes electrical problems?

Each wiring loom has yards of copper-core wiring that connect sensors to computer modules and parts like the starter motor to a power source, for example. An interruption is all it takes to cause a fault in the system. That could be a broken wire where it flexes most often or a loose connection at a ground or positive terminal. Excessive heat can damage delicate electrical parts and a frequently used component like an ignition switch can wear out. 

Like all vehicle parts, there’s potential for wear or damage. When that happens, you’re likely to experience a related symptom that our technicians can identify, diagnose, and trace. 

Common issues with the electrical system

Almost every part is integrated with the car’s electrical system in some way. A few common concerns can be: 

  • The alternator has low output and won’t supply power to the battery.
  • A power window’s electric motor quits, preventing it from opening and closing. 
  • A broken or pinched wire won’t transmit electrical power or signal to a computer or sensor.
  • A computer is shorted internally and won’t communicate with the related systems.
  • Corrosion forms in a connector or terminal and interrupts the continuity. 

It could cause a warning light to come on, or it could prevent your car from starting or driving properly. No matter how minor the problem, it can have major consequences on your car’s safe operation. 

How Xavier’s Auto Center helps

At Xavier’s Auto Center, our technicians understand completely how your car works. We use OEM schematics and professional-grade diagnostic equipment to identify the problem and trace it back to the cause so we can recommend the appropriate fix. 

At Xavier’s, we back all our repairs with a 3 years/36K mile warranty so you don’t have to worry about the problem coming back. Diagnosis and repairs with integrity are our promise to you.

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