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Transfer case repair

Transfer case repair in Philadelphia

Some drivers like to tow and haul with their pickup while others love to explore the backcountry in their SUV. It requires more traction than the average passenger car or crossover, so the powertrain is designed differently. If you have a true four-wheel-drive vehicle that can be switched between 2WD and 4WD, it’s equipped with a transfer case.

If you’re hearing unusual noises under your truck or SUV or you can’t shift between different drive modes, you may require transfer case repairs. At Xavier’s Auto Center, we can diagnose and correct transfer case issues on a wide range of makes and models so you can carry on with your heavy-duty performance. 

What does the transfer case do?

The purpose of a transfer case is to harness the power coming from the transmission and direct it to the front and rear axles as you deem necessary. There are often different gear ratios inside for four-wheel drive – 4HI for normal speeds with enhanced traction and 4LO for high-torque, low-speed maneuvers. Some transfer cases have clutches that only engage when there are low-traction situations.

The transfer case is bathed in gear oil to keep the metal parts from wearing against each other. The oil also cools the transfer case. This oil needs to be replaced to prevent problems over time. 

How often is transfer case servicing recommended?

Transfer case servicing is based on the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance as well as how you use your vehicle. If you tow on a regular basis, drive off-road often, or are in severe weather conditions with an extreme temperature difference between summer and winter, your interval will be shorter. 

For most vehicles, transfer case services need to be performed between 15,000 miles and 40,000 miles. 

What kinds of problems happen with the transfer case?

It’s not uncommon for the seals in a transfer case to wear or dry out in time, developing a leak. As well, harsh conditions and lack of maintenance can cause excessive wear on the internal gears. For electronic-shifted transfer cases, the shift motor can also weaken or fail and require replacement. 

Symptoms typically include whining or grinding noises under the vehicle and difficulty shifting between 4WD modes. If you notice issues, it’s best to get them addressed right away. 

Transfer case repairs at Xavier’s Auto Center

If you need repairs to your transfer case or other 4WD components, we’re here to serve you. Our Philadelphia-based repair shop’s technicians have decades of experience working on trucks and SUVs of all kinds. We can diagnose your transfer case issue and repair it swiftly. We use OEM and aftermarket parts to ensure your repair lasts as long as possible, and we back our work with a 24-month/24k-mile warranty too.