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Car Suspension

Car Suspension in Philadelphia

Philadelphia isn’t exactly known for having the smoothest roads in the country. On the contrary, it’s a common occurrence to hit a bump in the road wherever you’re driving! Your car’s suspension system is designed to absorb much of the impact to soften the feeling inside the car and keep you in control while you drive. If it feels extra bouncy or you feel every bump you drive over, there could be something worn, loose, or broken in your suspension that needs attention. 

At Xavier’s Auto Center, our certified technicians can identify and correct concerns of all kinds that affect your vehicle’s handling. In just one visit, you’ll be able to drive more confidently and safely with suspension repairs using high-quality parts and expert workmanship. 

What makes up a vehicle’s suspension?

The purpose of any suspension system is to ensure the front and rear wheels have continuous contact with the road surface for optimal handling and to absorb excessive forces that could otherwise cause an unpleasant ride or loss of control. In an independent suspension system, these parts include shocks or struts, control arms, ball joints, and coil springs that allow each wheel to move independently. Others with a solid axle employ leaf springs and shock absorbers to do the same job. 

Whether your vehicle has shocks or struts, coil or leaf springs, valving inside dampens or slows the travel to prevent your car from bouncing out of control while absorbing impact, contributing to a smooth ride. 

Common problems with suspension

Unfortunately, time is not a friend for moving parts like ball joints, stabilizer links, control arm bushings, and shocks or struts. Symptoms of issues with suspension systems include: 

  • Uneven bounce after driving over bumps or potholes
  • Clunking or rattling when turning or driving over dips in the road
  • Wetness on shocks and struts
  • Wandering when driving in a straight line
  • Uneven wear on tires
  • And even loss of control in extreme cases

If you’re experiencing these issues or something like it, it’s best to get it checked quickly to restore the connection between your tires and the road.

How Xavier’s Auto Center can help

In Philly and the surrounding areas, Xavier’s Auto Center can help you correct suspension problems and get back to normal driving. We perform repairs for all makes and models including suspension and steering systems, working hard to keep you safe no matter how far you’re driving. We use high-quality parts and back all of our work with a no-hassle 24-month/24,000-mile warranty for your peace of mind.