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Starter repair

Starter repair in Philadelphia

It takes a great deal of energy to turn your engine over and get it running. Luckily it’s no longer a hand crank needed to fire up the engine – it’s an electric motor that operates at the touch of a key. The starter motor can last tens of thousands of starts before it quits, but when it does, it’s rarely at a convenient time. 

To get Philadelphia drivers back up and running, Xavier Auto Center performs starter repairs on all makes and models, domestic and import. Our friendly service team and extremely knowledgeable technicians will diagnose and repair your starting condition to get you motoring once again. 

What does the starter do?

The starter motor is an extremely durable electric motor that engages with the engine flywheel to literally turn your engine’s crankshaft. It uses high torque and the benefit of gear reduction to use a small motor to turn a much larger one and get it going. When you turn the key, the armature shaft extends forward for the pinion gear to mesh with the flywheel teeth and spins at high speed. Once you release the key, it returns to its resting position and stops spinning. 

Like other electric motors, it also contains windings, a commutator, and brushes. If any of these parts fail, your car’s starter might not function reliably to start your engine. 

Signs you need starter repair

What does it look like for your starter to need repair? Symptoms vary but they can include: 

  • The engine turns too slowly to start. 
  • The starter pinion gear doesn’t engage the flywheel as the armature doesn’t extend out.
  • Intermittent cranking when the key is turned. 
  • Grinding or other unusual noises when starting your car.
  • A “click” noise when the key is turned.

Other mechanical faults can mimic a faulty starter motor, so diagnosis is key before replacing a starter. That’s where you can trust the service at Xavier’s Auto Center. 

What you can expect at Xavier’s Auto Center

If your car isn’t working properly and you suspect it’s the starter, we can help. Our ASE-certified technicians will diagnose the concern using professional-grade tools and their broad knowledge base to recommend the correct repair. Rather than having your starter rebuilt, a new or remanufactured one will be installed to get you on the road quickly. For your confidence, we back all our repairs with a 24-month/24k-mile parts and labor warranty.