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Car Key Cutting and Programming

Car key cutting and programming in Philadelphia

At some point in life, every driver misplaces or loses their keys. Maybe you have a spare key, and maybe it’s your spare you’ve just lost. It’s horribly inconvenient and will disrupt your schedule, and it’s also an unexpected expense. Your typical hardware store can’t replace keys like they used to – with transponder keys, someone will need to program it as well. 

Let Xavier’s Auto Center take some of the sting out of misplacing a key. We’re a trusted shop for your car key cutting and programming on most major makes and models that can get you back on track quickly. 

Why does a key need to be programmed? 

For more than a decade, the vast majority of cars have been equipped with a factory-installed immobilizer system. This system prevents your vehicle from being started without the key, cutting down on car thefts significantly. A microchip inside the key must be present within a very short distance from the ignition cylinder to let the car start. 

If you lose a key, the replacement doesn’t come programmed. A hardware store, dealership, or repair shop can cut keys, but the key needs to be programmed to the car’s immobilizer system. Unfortunately, it means your vehicle will need to be brought to our shop for programming, but that’s a testament to the system’s theft prevention. 

Who can cut and program car keys?

It used to be that a dealership that services your specific car make was the only place that could cut and program car keys. However, Xavier’s Auto Center has the computerized equipment to program new car keys as well as replacement key fobs. 

The process to have your new key complete and ready for use often takes less than a half-hour, so you can get back to whatever you planned to do quickly. 

Can you replace locks as well?

If your key has broken off inside the ignition cylinder or a door lock, the cylinder may need to be replaced. Our highly-qualified ASE-certified technicians can code and install a new cylinder along with any required programming to get you back on the road. 

How much to cut and program a car key?

Every make and model is different when it comes to the cost of a new key. As well, it depends if it’s a separate key and fob, an key with an integrated fob, or a Smart Key that doesn’t need to be taken out of your pocket or purse to be used. We can provide you with an accurate quote once you provide your make, model, and VIN. 

Call us today to book an appointment for your car key replacement!