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Radiator Repair & Cooling System Service

Radiator Repair & Cooling System Service in Philadelphia

An internal combustion engine operates by harnessing the energy from thousands of tiny explosions every minute. As you can imagine, the heat generated from the combustion process is extraordinary! A car’s cooling system is designed to remove the heat from the engine’s components and disperse it into the atmosphere through the radiator. 

Issues can occur that reduce your car’s cooling abilities. To prevent overheating or correct problems that have already occurred, have your cooling system maintenance or repairs, including radiator repair or replacement, performed by Philadelphia’s Xavier’s Auto Center. 

How the radiator works

A car’s cooling capacity centers around engine coolant. This fluid is a 50-50 mixture of distilled water and coolant like ethylene glycol that serves to absorb heat from the metal parts and carry it to the radiator.

At the radiator, the hot coolant flows through thin core tubes, maximizing the surface area for the heat to disperse. The cooling fan pulls air through the radiator and heat transfers into the less dense air, then the coolant returns to the engine to start its circuit all over again. 

Common radiator problems include loose hose connections from weak clamps, radiator leaks from punctures, seam leaks from corrosion, and plugged core tubes from buildup due to acidity. When that happens, it’s possible for the radiator to be removed and either resealed or repaired, restoring its cooling capacity. However, it’s time-consuming and the cost savings are minimal, so radiator replacement is the more common solution. 

How cooling system service is performed

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and it’s true for the cooling system too. Rather than deal with a coolant leak or plugged radiator, a cooling system service is preventative maintenance and should be performed approximately every five years. 

In this service, the coolant is drained and the system is flushed with a chemical solution to remove contaminants. New coolant is added to the system and mixed 50-50 with distilled water to achieve the right blend of cooling and prevention of freezing.  

Visit Xavier’s Auto Service for radiator repairs and cooling system issues

Whether you need corrective radiator repair or preventative maintenance with a cooling system service, Xavier’s Auto Center is the right choice. Our ASE-certified technicians are well-versed in maintenance on all vehicle makes and models and will use the correct type and grade of coolant to protect your engine. As always, our work is backed by a worry-free 24-month/24k-mile warranty.