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Volvo Repair and Service

Volvo Repair and Service in Philadelphia

Many people consider Volvo one of the safest European cars. It was always a specific car brand that attracted a specific type of driver. Volvo drivers are fully aware of the capabilities of their cars, but they know how important regular maintenance is, and how important it is to use the highest quality replacement parts. We at Xavier’s Auto Center have the tools, equipment, and know-how to properly maintain any car make and model.

We’ve been helping our customers drive safer and more reliable cars for more than 10 years. Our garage is located in central Philadelphia, but our reputation exceeds the city limits, and we now maintain and repair cars from all surrounding areas as well.

What makes Xavier’s Auto Center one of the top choices for Volvo owners is the fact that we put an emphasis on driver safety, but we also make sure to think of our customer’s budgets. We do this by using only the most reliable parts from top-tier manufacturers. We also keep our customers informed about everything going on with their cars. We’ll either call or send you emails regularly with all the latest information about your car.

Our reputation exceeds the limits of Philadelphia, so today we cater to the needs of customers coming from other areas such as:

“Where do I begin? ????I went to Xavier’s to get my car inspected before winter. They did a very thorough inspection of the whole car. Then they text messaged and emailed me a link with my vehicle profile. After clicking the link I saw everything that’s good on the car and everything that needs assistance immediately. Also, while viewing the profile they were on the phone with me walking me down the list of everything that was on my vehicle profile. The things that needed immediate repairs came with a picture so you could see for yourself. The parts they use are OEM and any repair they make comes with a 3-year warranty. ????Much respect to them and thanks for your help.”