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Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicle diagnostics in Philadelphia

Whether it’s a new car, an aging model with a time-tested patina, or a classic car, things can and do go wrong. What happens could be a minor inconvenience or a significant problem that causes your vehicle to stop working altogether. Finding out what’s wrong is a task known as diagnostic services, and it’s best left to a professional. 

In Philadelphia, your source for quality, knowledgeable diagnostics testing is Xavier’s Auto Center. Our ASE-certified technicians understand how your vehicle works and our facility is equipped with the latest in onboard diagnostics equipment to correct what ails your car. 

What are car diagnostics?

To diagnose is to find the source of a problem. In cars, it often refers to using code readers to determine why the Check Engine Light is on. The vehicle’s control units store diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) that can help a technician locate the concern and determine how best to repair it. 

But there’s more to it than just using a diagnostic tool to read codes in OBD systems. Diagnosis can be inspecting the source of a rattling or whining noise, determining why your transmission isn’t shifting properly, figuring out why your brakes are grinding, finding the root cause of almost any issue. 

For some systems like airbags, emissions, or ABS, computerized on board diagnostics can be used along with physically tracing wire and testing parts. For others like engine, drivetrain, and brakes, it often requires an in-depth inspection to determine where the fault originates. 

Diagnostics are important in keeping your car operating efficiently, powerfully, and most importantly, safely. It’s always best to have a new concern diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible to avoid additional damage or problems driving. 

Expert Diagnostics at Xavier’s Auto Center

When you car has a problem of any kind, the ASE-certified technicians at Xavier’s Auto Center are equipped to find why it has happened and how to fix it. Using the latest in diagnostic system test equipment and with years of experience, we can get to the root cause and get your vehicle operating normally once again.