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Tire Installation and Balancing

Tire installation and balancing in Philadelphia

Tires make constant contact with the road surface, ensuring you stay in complete control of your car. How you use your car affects how quickly your tires will wear down. Whether it’s after 30,000 miles or 80,000 miles, or if you have an unrepairable puncture, blowout, or excessive wear, it’s eventually necessary to buy tires. Getting them fitted to your vehicle requires professional tire installation and balancing, which Xavier’s Auto Center in Philadelphia can do for you.  

How tire installation is performed

Once you’ve chosen new tires, they will need to be installed on your car’s wheels or rims. Our certified technicians use our professional-grade tire machines to break the seal between the old tire and the bead, then remove the tire from the rim. 

The new tire is then positioned atop the rim and the tire machine spins the tire and rim, slipping the tight-fitting tire over the rim bead. The tire is stretched into position and inflated. Valve stems are either replaced or serviced to ensure they are leak-free for your new tires. 

What is tire balancing?

Whether you’ve just had new tires installed on the rims or you’re feeling a vibration at between 55 and 65 miles per hour, tire balancing is necessary. This seemingly minor process is hugely important for a smooth, confident, and safe drive. 

The wheel assembly is installed on a computerized balancer and spun. The computer analyzes the tire’s balance and precisely identifies how much weight should be added and where on the rim. Weights, typically in fractions of an ounce, are installed on the rim and balance is confirmed. 

Just a half-ounce of weight can cause a wheel to be imbalanced to the point of affecting your car’s feel!

Why choose Xavier’s Auto Center for tire sales and installation

Our technicians are experts in tire installations and balancing with years of experience performing these tasks. We guarantee our work, and a complimentary brake, steering, and suspension visual inspection is performed while we’re working on your wheels.