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Porshe Repair and Service

Porshe Repair and Service in Philadelphia

Porsche is commonly associated with performance. It’s an iconic car manufacturer from Germany that became the go-to car for enthusiasts and those who love the sounds of a straight 6 engine. Porsche gives much, but also requires regular maintenance and high-quality parts to be able to provide the excitement it’s known for.

Aside from other German, Japanese, and American car brands, we at Xavier’s Auto Center have the experience and expertise to repair and maintain any type of Porsche that drives into our garage. We’ve been working on various cars for more than 10 years in the city of Philadelphia, and in that time, numerous Porsche owners have trusted us with their cars. 

There are a couple of things that make Xavier’s Auto Center the go-to auto repair shop. The first thing is that we take care of our customers like family. We keep every customer fully informed about the condition of their car via email or phone. We’ll walk you through the entire maintenance or repair process, and we’ll even provide photo evidence of parts that need to be replaced. By being fully transparent, our customers trust us with doing what’s best for their car and their safety. If there are parts that don’t need immediate attention, we’ll let our customers know, and give them a choice to either replace the affected parts or reschedule for another time.

We stand behind our work, and because we use only the best replacement parts available on the market, we also offer a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty on all parts and labor.