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Infinity Repair and Service

Infinity Repair and Service in Philadelphia

As the luxury Japanese car brand that originated from Nissan, Infiniti has become one of the most trusted names in the industry. Due to the fantastic design, features, build quality, and reliability, thousands of these cars are on US roads. To keep these luxury vehicles at their best, proper maintenance and repairs are required. We at Xavier’s Auto Center have been working on virtually all car brands for more than a decade, and we have all the newest equipment and tools to maintain or repair any car brand, including Infiniti.

We’re proud to use the same computerized systems that are used by authorized dealers, giving us an edge over other shops. But what really makes us unique is the way we treat each and every one of our customers. Instead of just doing maintenance or repairs, we openly communicate with our customers about their cars, and we keep them updated during the entire process. This way, the customers get to decide what parts to replace, and what parts to leave if that’s a possibility.

We’re happy to say that our clients aren’t only from the central Philadelphia area. Our reputation has reached surrounding areas so many Infiniti owners bring their cars to our shop, even if we’re not the closest auto repair shop. 

If you have an Infiniti that needs maintenance or repairs, feel free to contact us today, and schedule an appointment for any type of work required on your car. We guarantee to use only the highest-quality replacement parts from the most reputable parts manufacturers in the automotive market.