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Engine Oil Change Service 

Engine Oil Change Service in Philadelphia

Every car owner understands that routine servicing is required to keep their car operating reliably and powerfully. The most common and well-known maintenance item that car owners are acquainted with is an oil change. Although it’s a straightforward procedure, it’s incredibly important for your engine’s health. 

If your vehicle is due for its routine oil and filter change in the Philadelphia area, allow the knowledgeable, friendly staff at Xavier’s Auto Center to show you what true customer service looks like. We know your vehicle’s needs and would love to show you how you can get the best from it every day. 

The roles that engine oil performs

There are dozens of moving parts inside an engine that oil keeps lubricated, but did you know that ending oil does so much more? Oil creates a barrier between metal components, prevents metal parts from oxidizing, washes away sludge and deposits from inside the engine, and even performs as much as 40% of your engine’s cooling. No wonder it’s so important to change the engine oil on time!

If the oil isn’t changed when it’s due, it can lead to excessive and irreversible wear inside the engine and can lead to issues like overheating. Eventually, an engine that lacks lubrication can seize. 

When does my car need an oil change?

It used to be that your car needed an oil change every 3 months or 3,000 miles. While some older cars might still need oil and filter changes so frequently, most cars today have much longer service intervals. Vehicles equipped with car maintenance reminders or oil life monitoring systems might last as long as 10,000 miles between oil changes.

At Xavier’s Auto Center, we recommend following the maintenance schedule according to your car’s manufacturer.  At a minimum, your oil should be changed every year to protect your engine, even if you don’t reach the mileage interval.

How an oil change service is performed

When we perform your oil change, we assess which engine oil is appropriate for your vehicle – full synthetic motor oil, conventional, or a synthetic blend. The technician fully drains the oil in the crankcase and replaces the oil filter on every oil change service. The engine is then filled with new engine oil of the right grade and viscosity to ensure lasting performance. 

You also receive a visual inspection that checks your tires, undercarriage, fluids, air filter, and more, providing you with the assurance your car is in top shape. 

From major repairs to routine maintenance, discover why Xavier’s Auto Center is the top choice for auto service in Philadelphia.