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Alternator repair

Almost every aspect of a newer vehicle requires a power source. It could be lights to see on the highway at night, the control module for your engine, or electrical components inside the car for conveniences like air conditioning, power windows, and the radio. Your car’s alternator is responsible for powering most of these systems, and it also charges the battery. If you’re having electrical issues, it might be that you need an alternator repair. 

Xavier’s Auto Center works on all makes and models for repairs of every type including alternator repairs. Expect friendly, knowledgeable service and repairs performed by expert technicians using high-quality parts on every visit.  

How the alternator works

Another name for an alternator is a generator, and it’s an accurate description of what it does. The alternator pulley is spun by a V-belt or serpentine belt connected to the crankshaft.It spins a rotor inside a stator that generates a magnetic field which is converted into an electrical charge. A voltage regulator keeps the electricity produces within a usable range for the car. 

The starter motor draws a lot of energy from the battery to start the car, and the alternator replenishes the spent charge. Contrary to popular understanding, the alternator doesn’t just charge the battery though. While the engine is running, it provides much of the power to operate engine systems and accessories inside the car.

What does alternator repair look like?

You seldom think about the alternator when the electrical systems are working correctly. But when there’s a problem with the charging system, the battery light is on, there are unusual problems or ‘gremlins’, or the battery light is on when the engine is running, it could be time to look at an alternator repair. 

In the past, alternators were commonly rebuilt or repaired and re-installed on the car. But today, it’s much more convenient and cost-effective to replace the unit with a new or reman alternator. 

Visit Xavier’s Auto Center for alternator repairs

Are you experiencing electrical issues in your car? Are you having problems starting your car or are the lights dimmer than usual? It could be time to replace the alternator. At Xavier’s Auto Center, our ASE-certified technicians can diagnose the charging system and replace the alternator as necessary. We only use long-lasting OEM and aftermarket parts to keep your car dependable for years to come, backed by our uncompromising 24-month/24k-mile warranty.