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SAAB Repair and Service

Saab Repair and Service in Philadelphia

SAAB was known for being one of the safest cars in the automotive marketand for building high-quality cars that are reliable, and have great gas mileage. They’re no longer in production, but models like the 9-3 continue to drive around. Unfortunately, even the most reliable cars break down from time to time and are in need of repairs. We at Xavier’s Auto Center have been catering to the needs of SAAB owners for more than a decade.

Keeping any car reliable and safe to drive includes regular maintenance and prompt repairs using high-quality replacement parts. We only use parts from reputable manufacturers, and we also offer a 36,000-mile or 3-year warranty on all parts and labor done in our shop. We also include our customers in the process by keeping them informed about all the things that need to be done to keep the car safe to drive. And to show you what condition your car is in, we give you a digital inspection on every visit. We’ll never insist on replacing certain parts that show a sign of wear, but can still be used for some time, and we’ll help you prioritize the repairs according to your time and budget.

Located in central Philadelphia, Xavier’s Auto Center welcomes SAAB owners from all over the area, including places such as:

  • 19118 Chestnut Hill
  • 19154 Torresdale North 
  • 19153 Eastwick 
  • 19103 Center City West 
  • 19102 Center City West
  • 19123 Northern Liberties/Spring Garden 
  • 19129 East Falls
  • 19130 Fairmount South 
  • 19107 Washington Square West/Chinatown 
  • 18039 Bucks County
  • 19090 Montgomery County 
  • 19382 Chester County 
  • 19029 Delaware County 
  • 08002 Camden County NJ

If you need your SAAB repaired or inspected, or you need some preventative maintenance done on your car, reach out to us at Xavier’s Auto Center today, and schedule an appointment with our experienced technicians. We look forward to seeing you!