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Hummer Repair and Service

Hummer Repair and Service in Philadelphia

Hummers are usually associated with the military, however, this rugged truck has been transformed for civilian use as well. Although they’re not so common anymore, there are still Hummers running around the US, and it’s up to experienced auto repair shops such as Xavier’s Auto Center to keep them safe, reliable, and on the road.

At Xavier’s Auto Center, we’re honored to be recognized by our reputation of being one of the most customer-oriented auto repair shops in the Philly area, and it’s brought us countless customers from surrounding areas as well. Although we’re located in central Philadelphia, our customers bring their Hummers from areas such as:

  • Center City West
  • Northern Liberties/Spring Garden 
  • East Falls
  • Fairmount South 
  • Washington Square West/Chinatown 
  • Bucks County
  • Montgomery County 
  • Chester County, and many more.

What makes us a unique auto repair and maintenance shop is the fact that we keep all our customers fully informed about the condition of their vehicle, no matter if it’s a beast like a Hummer, or a small EV. You’ll always get a digital inspection checklist sent to you so you can see what condition your SUV is in. We’re transparent with what we do, and we let our customers decide whether or not we replace all worn out parts from their car, or just the ones necessary. This way, we build trust, but we include our client’s budget as a factor as well. 

If you own a Hummer, and you’re looking for a reputable auto repair shop, call us any time, and schedule a regular inspection, maintenance, or repairs! We also provide a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty on both parts and labor.