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Fleet maintenance

Fleet maintenance in Philadelphia

It’s a process to keep your company vehicles’ maintenance up to date, but it’s crucial to prevent downtime and costly unbudgeted repairs. Fleet managers and drivers alike are responsible for keeping on top of service scheduling, and a reliable auto repair shop is one of the most important aspects of fleet maintenance. 

Xavier’s Auto Center is the ideal shop for your fleet maintenance in Philadelphia, PA. Our service experts will perform preventive maintenance to keep your vehicles in good working order along with cost-effective and timely repair work that stands the test of time. 

What’s included in fleet maintenance?

As you’re well aware, the regular maintenance schedule includes all of the services necessary for long-term vehicle health. Companies carefully budget their fleet operations, and varying from the schedule can quickly add up. For fleets, servicing includes fluid changes according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule, tire rotations and repairs as necessary, and minor repairs that maintain the vehicle’s ability to be dependable. 

What matters most to us at Xavier’s Auto Center is your complete satisfaction. We’ll follow your vehicle fleet maintenance program and make recommendations as required if there are car or truck repairs that aren’t in line with the schedule. Rest assured, we will never proceed without previously authorized repairs.

Is fleet maintenance and repair different?

Although fleet vehicles are the same as you’d drive as a car owner, they serve a different purpose for your company. Rather than being concerned with the minute details or cosmetic issues, the primary concern is for safe operation. We completely understand this. 

Fleet servicing focuses on maintaining fluids for proper lubrication in the harshest conditions and ensuring your vehicle will be safe on any road it ventures down. Ball joints, tie rods, tires, differentials, transfer case, lights, steering, and of course, the engine – our service process is quick and orderly to keep all of these safety-related components in line at all times.

Why Xavier’s Auto Center is the best choice

Time is money, especially for our fleet customers. At Xavier’s Auto Center, we prioritize our fleet customers to ensure you get your drivers back on the road quickly with the safest, longest-lasting vehicles possible. We’re diligent to keep your costs in line, and we bill directly to fleet management companies, streamlining your fleet operations as much as we can. 

And as always, Xavier’s Auto Center uses OEM and high-quality aftermarket parts for all fleet repairs and maintenance, backed by our hassle-free 24-month/24k-mile warranty.