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Volvo Repair and Service

Volvo Repair and Service in Philadelphia

Many people consider Volvo one of the safest European cars. It was always a specific car brand that attracted a specific type of driver. Volvo drivers are fully aware of the capabilities of their cars, but they know how important regular maintenance is, and how important it is to use the highest quality replacement parts. […]

Volkswagen Repair and Service

Volkswagen Repair and Service in Philadelphia

Volkswagen is one of the biggest car manufacturers in Europe, and its reputation exceeds the continent where this brand originates from. This car brand has made several iconic cars throughout its history, some of which include the VW bus, Golf GTI, the Tuareg, and many more. Volkswagen owners know just how reliable these cars can […]

Toyota Prius Repair and Service

Toyota Prius Repair and Service in Philadelphia

The Toyota Prius has been a hot topic among car enthusiasts, but whether you like them or not, they’re reliable cars that left a mark in automotive history. Toyota Prius owners love the fact that they drive a reliable car that’s environmentally friendly, but also affordable to drive. To keep these cars on the road […]

Toyota Repair and Service

Toyota Repair and Service in Philadelphia

Toyota has a decades-long reputation for making reliable and durable vehicles. Some say that they’re not too exciting, but we beg to differ. From Supras to 86s and Celicas, Toyota has made its fair share of sporty vehicles. Toyota owners enjoy the reliability of their cars, however, in order to keep Toyotas reliable, it’s imperative […]

Suzuki Repair and Service

Suzuki Repair and Service in Philadelphia

Suzuki is a great Japanese car manufacturer with a plethora of models available across the globe. These cars are known to be efficient, reliable, and fun to drive. However, no matter how reliable any car is once it leaves the factory, it’s essential to keep it well-maintained. This is where Xavier’s Auto Center strives – […]

Subaru Repair and Service

Subaru Repair and Service in Philadelphia

Subaru is a Japanese car brand best known for its WRX Impreza model. It was extremely successful in the World Rally Championship, and the number of Subarus skyrocketed all across the world. Subaru owners know best how exciting their cars can be, but they’re also very capable and reliable. As with any other car, Subarus […]

Sprinter Repair and Service

Sprinter Repair and Service in Philadelphia

Sprinters are primarily commercial vehicles that are known for being as long-lasting and versatile as you could ever expect. To keep this durability at its highest, it’s imperative to maintain them and use high-quality parts for service and repairs. Xavier’s Auto Center puts an emphasis on the quality of our work, transparency, trust, and customer […]

Smart car Repair and Service

Smart car Repair and Service in Philadelphia

Smart is a German car manufacturer under the BMW umbrella that quickly gained unbelievable popularity due to its compact size, fuel efficiency, and agility. Since it was introduced to the market, the Smart was available only as a two-seater, while a four-seat version was available between 2004 and 2006, and from 2014 until 2019. They’re […]

Scion Repair and Service

Scion Repair and Service in Philadelphia

Although many consider Scion to be an American car brand, it was actually founded by Toyota. During its relatively short history, Scion did exactly what Toyota intended it to – reach younger customers by providing an inexpensive yet stylish solution to the market.  The brand was discontinued in 2016, but that’s not the end for […]

Saturn Repair and Service

Saturn Repair and Service in Philadelphia

Saturn was an American car manufacturer under GM that was discontinued in 2012. Even since then, thousands of drivers still own and care for their Saturn. Xavier’s Auto Center is known and trusted by locals in the Philly area for maintenance and repairs for these cars, as well as many other brands! Xavier’s Auto Center […]